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Push your potential to the limit with a Vegan Keto Plan

My plant based keto diet and tailored exercise plan will speed up your metabolism like nothing else! Take now your first step to a new fit life!
My nutrition and training plans are not designed to sculpt bulky physiques with oversized muscles but specifically developed for to achieve a beautiful and healthy body.
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Hi! I am Hilary Victoria Your Vegan Keto Personal Trainer

I will lead you to an unexpected and incredible body transformation without having to give up the foods you love!

My vegan keto journey started in Semptember 2008 when I began my studies in Turin’s University Medical School. Later, in 2014 I became a personal trainer, and at the beginning of 2020 I finally got my certification in personal training.

My Vegan Keto Plan will help you increasing your fitness and strength, whether you are a beginner or not. I am against crash diets which only lead to rapid weight loss without a proportional effect on your actual physical appearance. On the contrary, my diet plans are specifically designed not to force you to make sacrifices. My exercises are super easy to perform and do not involve gym machinery. The results will be incredible and your body will change as you never imagined before!

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Bodybuilder Lifting Heavy Weights

Bulky body Is really that what you want?

Almost every bodybuilding training and diet plans are designed to make you overly muscular.
Following this kind of diet and being consistent in this type of training can be truly hard. Often efforts and renunciations are not enough and bulky bodybuilders resort to illegal and harmful methods that cause permanent damage and irreversible physical decay.

We all know the side effects of steroids used by many bodybuilders. In addition to heart attack, depression, mania, the effects on the male and female hormonal system are well known: such as decreased sperm production, enlarged breasts, testicle shrinking, baldness, testicular cancer for males and decreased breast size, voice deepening, excessive body hair growth, male-pattern baldness and coarse skin for females. And those who do not use steroids still need eat a lot of meat (whose side effects are not far from steroids ones) in order to grow so much muscles.

And all this for what? Most of us train to be healthy and look good to ourselves and others. Surely this training won't help us to be healthy! And the aesthetic aspect of bodybuilders does not meet the appreciation of the majority of people: actors, celebrities, models and sex symbols and screen idols in general, almost never have an excessively muscular appearance.

Greek Statue Body

Like Greek Gods and Goddesses With no great sacrifices and efforts

As long as your goal is not to become a professional bodybuilder you won't need to make great sacrifices and put a strain on your metabolism to get a perfect body!

The canons of beauty and body proportion to which I bring my clients are those of Greek classicism: perfect, elegant and sexy shapes.

My diet is full of tasty foods: you will always feel full and eat in a varied way.
No pre-filled plans! My plan will be specifically tailored to your weight, height, needs and taking into account diseases, allergies and intolerances such as celiac disease and nickel allergy. And your plan can be decided together with your doctor and trusted nutritionist.

You could download a free plan but that way you will be led to quit! I will always be here for you, I will check that you follow the plan daily and perform your exercises! Full psychological support is included with my full plan throughout your journey!

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